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Sun, bath and beach life is wonderful on Ven. The island is surrounded by beaches of different kinds and colors. But for a day at the beach, you probably want fine grained sand and beautiful vistas.

If you want to spend time on the beaches on Ven, it’s good to know that Ven’s beaches can look a little different, in length, width and ground conditions. The beaches of the island are authentic and sometimes wilderness. They are a bit little adventurous. But if you are looking for comfort, there are several options!

Beaches on Ven

  • Kyrkbacken

  • In Kyrkbacken on the other side of the island, if you arrive at Bäckviken, two long sandy beaches awaits you, making it a popular retreat during the summer. However, here is room for everybody, and if you want a bit of seclusion, you only have to sacrifice the immediate vicinity to the kiosk, restaurants and toilets that are also located here. Kyrkbacken’s kiosk has almost everything you can imagine. And it goes without saying that kiosks and toilets, combined with the shallow water, are three good things if you are a child or a parent.

  • Norreborg

    It’s not bad to be number two on a list, many people choose that option. The beach in Norreborg is smaller than that in Kyrkbacken, and unfortunately nowadays lacks a kiosk, but otherwise this is also a great place for sun and bath. One might say that Norreborg is a little bit more cozy than Kyrkbacken. The water is not as shallow here and there is also a jetty, which many prefer.

  • Bäckviken

    In addition to the harbor location in Bäckviken there is also a nice beach here that many miss. Bäckviken is often the first and last stop on the trip to Ven, so if you didn’t have a chance during the day you get a dip in the ocean here. If you have some time left before the ferry, you can take an after beach at Agnes Tapas by the terminal.

  • And then there is the rest of the island…

    These three beaches above are Ven’s official beaches, managed by the municipality and the locals. But Ven is an adventure to discover and experience. The whole coast line is accessible in one way or another, and it’s the same blue water everywhere. Go!

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