Map of restaurants on Ven

Restaurants, cafes och kiosks on Ven

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    Handlarn Sankt Ibb / Sankt Ibb General store

    Our only grocery store and country store, usually just called “the store”. Always faithful to Ven and open all year around.
  • Turistgården – House of Ven

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    Turistgården – House of Ven

    Vens oldest inn and tavern located in the middle of the island. Restaurant, hotel and boarding house. Here the chefs interpret the Scandinavian classics with a modern and updated expression. Lovely setting and a wonderful outdoor patio.
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    Strandkrogen / The Beach Tavern

    Strandkrogen serves simple, honest and savory food, with a few safe classics and an alternating menu, with thematic starting point in the island’s and the region’s seasonal inspirations. Beautifully located right by the sea at Ven’s campsite Camp Ven.
  • Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn

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    Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn

    High-class restaurant and whiskey bar with its own distillery. Multiple different combination offers with food and accommodation in 4-star hotel units.
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    Kyrkbacken Smokehouse

    Freshly caught fish smoked in their own smokehouse served right next to the harbor dock. Bread and sallads.
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    Restaurant Ella

    Fresh fish and seafood and other organic ingredients combined with a fantastic location and the best wines. Right by the beach in Kyrkbacken. Listed in White Guide.
  • Pumpans Café & Restaurant

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    Pumpans Café & Restaurant

    Vegetarian food of organic produce, coffee from its own roast and deliciously good apple juice. Bread and pastries are baked on flour from own stone mill. In a lush garden by the main road.
  • Mitt på Hven / Middle on Hven

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    Mitt på Hven / Middle on Hven

    Café and restaurant on the middle of Ven. Dishes made from locally produced products made in their own kitchen. Own cakes and bread.
  • Kyrkbacken Kiosk

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    Kyrkbacken Kiosk

    The kiosk in Kyrkbacken that seems to have just everything. Ice cream, candy, food, souvenirs, bicycle rental, etc. A real institution on Ven that can feed you a whole day down in Kyrkbacken.
  • Hven’s Ice Cream Factory

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    Hven’s Ice Cream Factory

    In the kiosk in Bäckviken, the first thing you meet when you leave the ferry, you can get delicious ice cream made in the small factory in the harbor. All ice cream is made of organic cream.
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    Hven Durum

    Classic bakery with its own mill a short walk from the Tycho Brahe museum. Superb bread baked on durum wheat from Ven.
  • Café Tycho Brahe

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    Café Tycho Brahe

    Lunch and coffee in the historic grounds of Tycho Brahe. Serves pies with salad, pasta salad, soups, hot salmon, sandwiches and baguettes and more. Children eat from the menu at half price.
  • Bread on Wine

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    Bread on Wine

    Bakery, cafe, tapas restaurant and wine bar in a fantastic location at the harbor of Kyrkbacken. Here the ingredients are at the center through organic methods and own crops.
  • Agne’s Tapas

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    Agne’s Tapas

    Tapas, bistro and café in the middle of Bäckviken where the ferry arrives. Perfect as the first or last stop on Ven.