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The Skåneleden Trail will take you around almost the entire island at your own pace. 12km scandian coastal landscape awaits you.

If it wasn’t for Ven being such a small island with open views, one could easily get lost here. It’s always so inviting to continue along a path, down a slope, always with the gaze attached to the next bend in the landscape. It happens by itself. You start with a cup of coffee on the balcony an early morning ends up on a beach, somehow just caught up in the present moment.

Getting around on Ven has in any case become easier since the Skåneleden Trail now runs around the island. This hiking trail with the beautiful name “9A” winds 12km around the island, both along the coast and inland. The trail begins and ends conveniently directly by the ferry, so this is an activity that really doesn’t need much mental effort.

During your walk you will see and experience most of the island, and get a good look at Öresund. There’s a lots of sights and activities along the way, so make sure to account for some extra time. Please see our page about Nature & Excursions at Ven and then look at Skåneleden’s own description of the trail on their website.

And by the way, it should be mentioned that the Skåneleden Trail can of course also be traveled by bike!

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