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Ven has always been an island for music. During the high summer it’s easy to find at one of Ven’s cozy restaurants.

Ven is an island that have attracted many artists and musicians during the decades. Unfortunately, music has become somewhat of an import product in recent times, but that doesn’t prevent the restaurants from having fully booked music programs during the peak summer weeks.

On Ven, you can discover almost anything in music. Historically, jazz, blues and traditional music have been strong elements, but it’s not very rare to hear surprises of all kinds. Many recurring visitors may very well remember all the reggae music played on Ven over the years.

Ven is a small island with 6-7 restaurants and live music usually belongs to the weekends. If you want to be sure of experiencing this, it’s good to first check with the restaurants before your visit to Ven. Turistgården and especially Tuna Krog usually have something going on. To sit under the big lush trees at Tuna Krog a summer evening listening to live music, that’s a true Ven classic!

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