HomeExperiencesCatch the crabs in Norreborg

Catching and fishing crabs really belongs to the sunny summers of childhood. Even the crabs along the coasts of Ven agrees.

Fishing crabs is a wholesome sport filled with discovery and satisfaction. Almost everyone can do it, and there are crabs everywhere on the sandy banks along the coasts of Ven. Norreborg in particular is a great place for this simple pleasure. The pier and the surrounding stone boulders are perfect for this.

Don’t know how? Well, it’s really simple. Highly specialized equipment, like a clothespin attached to a string or a landing net, makes it easier but is absolutely no necessity. An amazing trick (and also totally climate neutral) is to take a long fresh seaweed, crack a mussel, and tie the mussel to the seaweed. Lower the mussel in a suitable opening between the stone boulders. Try it for yourself – it works!

The small crabs themselves are of course not dangerous, but being on piers and slippery stones are no nothing small children to do by themselves. It’s a good thing then that crab fishing is a great experience for adults too.

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