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Biking is freedom and biking on Ven is even better. In addition, it’s a genuine Swedish classic that many choose to relive year after year after year.

The rapeseed coloured bikes that are for rent on the island have over the years become something of a trademark of Ven. There are reasons why Ven has become such a popular place to ride a bike. To begin with, the size of the island is just perfect for biking. But above all, it’s the cycling itself, going along the sloped paths with the wind in your hair and along the steep coastlines with its staggering views towards the sea. Everybody loves it.

Ven is a hilly island and it’s not entirely effortless to get around. Luckily, there are many cafés, sights and hideaways where you can stay and rest for a while. Usually you make a stop just to enjoy the view. If you are in pairs, Ven offers a good opportunity to try one of the island’s extreme sports, namely to ride tandem bike. It’s half as heavy and twice as fun and should also be considered a kind of collaborative exercise. Try it!

Bicycles can be rented on Ven’s bike rental just above the hill by the ferry in Bäckviken. It can’t be missed. Keep in mind that it may be worthwhile to prebook your bikes before arrival, and note that except for regular bikes you can also rent children bikes and various bike carts.

For those who cannot ride a bike but still want to get around and feel almost the same freedom, there are also golf carts for rent on Ven. Call the the bike rental and ask!

Inspiration for excursions and bike tours can be found under Nature and Excursions. Also, take a look at the bicycle map from Landskrona and Vens tourist information.

And finally, bike careful! Ven has many steep slopes and during the summer the roads gets busy.

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