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Stade, at the north-west point of Ven is the name of an area, and a beach in particular, very different to the rest of the island. This is the place for quite summer evening.

When you approach the north part of the island, you will notice that the island is descending. The hills that otherwise stands high over Kyrkbacken a short distance away change character and become more like low cliffs. It’s really the same in the southernmost part, but the difference is about 40m in height. Approaching Stade by bike from Norreborg is a delight to the eye – it’s like arriving to a Ven in miniature.

Stade beach is narrow, rocky and wild. The concrete fortress that lies directly by the bike path is a popular retreat, but you may want to go up a bit north of the beach. Here you can rest with a perfect view towards Öresund’s narrowest part between Helsingborg and Helsingør. It simply feels intimate here. Even ships at sea seem to pass more closely.

Any special activities will not be suggested here because that would have defeated the purpose. This is a beach among millions of other beaches, and by the way, peace and quiet is not something you just go and find just like that. But maybe you’ll find it right here, and maybe just in the twilight when the lights appear along the coastlines, and besides the monotonous engine noise from a distant ship, it’s very, very quiet.

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