HomeExperiencesCatch wind in your hair at Ven’s southern cape

Ven’s southern cape is just what it sounds like, but also the name of the lighthouse which have stood here since the 40’s. From these high cliffs that dives right down into the sea you have an unparalleled view of the sea and Ven’s fields and rolling landscape.

Vens southern cape is, as you can see on the map, somewhat remote, and there are no real roads that lead you here, and you will not be expecting a cozy café when you arrive. It’s a cape of farmland.

However, Ven’s southern coast is amazing. Here between the sea and the fields lies bicycle paths that constantly gives you more appetite to continue. In fact, you should start the journey to Ven’s southern cape at the top of Vingestig. Here you can go south, pause at Möllebäck, and then round the southern tip of the island. Or maybe you already are at Ven’s homestead museum, Nämndemansgården, just a short distance away. Just take the path lead up from here.

The coast here is characterized by its high cliffs that dives straight into the sea. Here you can stroll for a long time, gaze towards the sea, or maybe sit down for a picnic. Ideally, you should always have some wind in your hair in everything you do, and this is a good place for it.

These muddy cliffs are inhabited by thousands of summer guests, namely the sand-martins hatching in their big colonies. It’s a fantastic sight to see these amazing birds swarm and hunt. They seem happy here.

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