Map of sights, shops and activities on Ven

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Sights, shops and activities on Ven

  • Paviljong 1916 / Pavilion 1916

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    Paviljong 1916 / Pavilion 1916

    A shop for soul and heart! Here you will find clothes, accessories, gifts for old and young, and flowers for your summer garden. A small lovely shop next to the ferries in Bäckviken.
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    Ivans Wagontrail

    Horse and cart tours with or without guide and horse riding on ardenner horses for the experienced riders. For small to large groups.
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    Handlarn Sankt Ibb / Sankt Ibb General store

    Our only grocery store and country store, usually just called “the store”. Always faithful to Ven and open all year around.
  • Alpackaboden / The Alpaca Shop

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    Alpackaboden / The Alpaca Shop

    Alpaca – these strange animals also live on Ven. Here you can enjoy trekking with the calm and good-natured animals. In Alpackaboden above Bäckviken you will find the softest yarns you can imagine, and of course knitted, crocheted and other crafts.
  • Vens Kulturhus / Ven’s Cultural Center

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    Vens Kulturhus / Ven’s Cultural Center

    Ven’s own cultural center in the Salvation Army’s old building from 1891. Exhibitions, lectures, music arrangements and other activities during summer. In Tuna village right by the turn towards Kyrkbacken.
  • The Tycho Brahe Museum

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    The Tycho Brahe Museum

    An amazing museum and garden about one of the giants of science history, the Scanian / Danish islander and astronomer Tycho Brahe who lived and worked on Ven. Housed in the deconsecrated church in the middle of the island. Photo: The Tycho Brahe Museum, Ven.
  • Tunaboden / The Tuna Weaving Shop

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    Tunaboden / The Tuna Weaving Shop

    This is an active workshop where Karen Alm manufactures various textile handicrafts, like carpets, bags, and aprons.
  • St. Ibb’s old medieval church

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    St. Ibb’s old medieval church

    The country’s most beautifully located church? When you stand on the hills around the church house you surely think that’s the case. Saint Ibb’s church from the 13th century lies stunningly on the top of Kyrkbacken with a wonderful view of the strait. This church is the only one of Vens’s two churches in use. In the church you can see Tycho Brahe’s own church bench and an altarpiece painted by Tycho Brahe’s court painter, Tobias Gemperlin. See also Visit St. Ibb’s medieval church.
  • Ninna Mandin Silver

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    Ninna Mandin Silver

    Ninna Mandin is a silversmith and designer with studio and shop at Ven. The expression in Ninna’s jewelry is playful and organic, often with unexpected shapes and symbols. The jewelry is made of 925 silver. Ninna Mandin Silver is located in the white house with green windows in Bäckviken, right next to the ferry!
  • Nämndemansgården Homestead

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    Nämndemansgården Homestead

    Nämndemansgården or Karhojagården, as it was formerly called, dates back to the late 1700s. The building has been nursed and developed for five generations and was inhabited until 1991. Today it’s a local history museum. During the summer, the farm hosts exhibitions about the island’s history.
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    Goldsmith Malin Ljung

    The goldsmith and artist Malin Ljung has her shop and workshop at Ven, where she also finds the inspiration for her jewelry. Centrally located in the middle of Tuna village.
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    Welcome to the artist Céleste and her farm Marielund on Ven. Old farmhouse which now houses a larger art gallery. Garden with sculpture park, coffee shop, painting courses and room for travelers.
  • Cassiopeia Garden Gallery

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    Cassiopeia Garden Gallery

    Garden gallery with things for pleasure and enjoyment. Ceramics from Ven in an old greenhouse that smells of figs and tarp. Located on the main road next to the grocery store.
  • Ani’s Gallery

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    Ani’s Gallery

    In Ani’s gallery you can buy unique glass made and burned in the gallery’s own oven. There are also paintings in watercolor and acrylic made in different techniques. Art cards with motifs from Ven.