Ven in four photographs

The western lighthouse

Ven is a campfire in the sea. The five lighthouses on the island light up and guide the ships in one of the busiest straits in the world. The western lighthouse, here in photograph taken a quiet autumn evening, is located on a field on the northwest cape of Ven, right next to the beach. The sun has just gone down and along the coastlines in the background the lights and lanterns have appeard. It's just so bright it should be when it's dark.

Ven in four photographs

St. Ibb's old medieval church

Is St. Ibb's medieval church the most beautifully located church in the country? Hard to tell unless you you've visited them all. But when standing at the churchyard up at the crest a mild summer evening and gazing out to the ocean and letting your eyes wander south from the spire at Kronborg Castle along the coastlines, you know for sure that really is the case.

Ven in four photographs

A fertile coastal landscape

The province of Skåne in general, and Ven in particular, have a very fertile clay soil. Most of Ven consists of rolling fields. Here grows, besides cereal, oats, rapeseed, beet and corn, also durum wheat, which normally grows far south in Europe, but here benefits from good soil and mild climate. It's something very special to walk along the beaches on summer evenings, and feel how the fields still gives out heat after a long sunny day. Ven is a rich and fertile coastal landscape just the way you want it to be.

Ven in four photographs

Among hills and billows

Ven is surrounded by "backafall", the islands famous hill sides. These meadows characterizes Ven more than anything else. To be on Ven is to be on a raised and softly rounded plateau in the sea. It's no wonder that the island during the ages has attracted the eyes and interest of bypassing travelers. There is peace and hospitality over Ven, and we have the backfalls to thank for that - these slopes that bend and twirl around the island just like the ocean.

With a perimeter of just a mile, Ven is the little big adventure

The island of Ven is the perfect destination for anyone traveling in and around Denmark or southern Sweden. In the middle of the narrow blue sound of Öresund, Ven rises steeply out of the sea and forms a lush plateau with superb views of the Swedish and Danish coast lines.

For those who can make the short ferry ride over to Ven, there is a lot to experience between the beaches, fields and villages. Ven has art and crafts, exquisite food of local and regional produce, museums, small shops, and even its own whiskey (!). And then of course, magnificent nature and nights with a starry sky that has gone to history..

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