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Welcome to Ven!

Experience the island of Ven - the pearl of Öresund – right between Denmark and Skåne. Here you will find magnificent scenery mixed with picturesque pleasures and summer chill. A Nordic bliss among hills and beaches.

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A campfire in the sea

Ven is like a campfire in the sea. The five lighthouses on the island lights up and guide the ships in the narrow strait. Along the horizon the Swedish and Danish coastlines have lit their lights and lanterns.

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Among hills and billows

The island is a raised and softly rounded plateau in the sea. Ven is surrounded by backafall, the islands famous hill sides. These slopes bends and twirls around the island just like the ocean.

Welcome to ExperienceVen - the visitors guide to the island of Ven in Öresund, 30 minutes ferry ride from the mainland. In the middle of the narrow blue sound of Öresund, Ven rises steeply out of the sea and forms a lush plateau with superb views of the Swedish and Danish coast lines. Ven is an island that is easy to experience and just as easy to fall in love with.