Milan Dragišić, islander and actor, has his legendary little barbecue and sausage kiosk along Norreborgsvägen on Ven. Here it easy for you to find rest along the way.

Milan, to many swedes known from the movies movies “Eat, Sleep, Die” and “My Aunt in Sarajevo”, is a talkative man with many hats (also literally) and a love for good, simple cooking.

His small dining is located next to Norreborgsvägen in Tuna village, a hideaway almost, and located in a homely little garden with generous seating possibilities. Milan’s kiosk often feels like an oasis in the middle of Ven, where it’s otherwise can be very bustling a hot summer day.

Milan serves grilled sausages of different kinds, often he has some kind of specialty, but also vegetarian options, and maybe an ice cream for the kids. It’s as simple as that, but who said that an experience had to be complicated?

Follow the signs to Milan, order your food, sit down, take a look in the flea market located in the beautiful building next door, and rest here for a while before continuing on your adventure on Ven.

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